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Where do Skunks Live?

Skunks are nocturnal creatures and are only active at night. During the day, they rest in their dens as they don’t have good eye sight. They are not easily noticed in an area unless they produce their odor as a self defense. So where do Louisville skunks live? Do they live in urban or in wild Kentucky areas?

The following are some of the dens that skunks are likely to be living.

• Skunks live in abandoned dens. Skunks usually use their long claws to dig a hole or opts to live in an abandoned holes either left by foxes or in wood chunks. They also chose to live in wood piles, in bushes and in hollow logs. While in the den they use leaves, grasses and other materials to line their Louisville homes.

• Skunks lives both in urban and in wild and they are comfortable living with humans as long as there is availability of food. In the wild, the live in holes or in river bottoms as well as under the rocks.

• During the day, Louisville skunks use underground dens to rest, to hide, to give birth and to rear young ones.

• Some skunk dens can be found under rock piles, buildings, porches as well as concrete slabs. They are also found in culverts, in fallen or standing hollow trees, rock crevices and in drain pipes.

• A certain species of Kentucky skunks mostly the spotted ones are good climbers and they use attic or haylofts as their dens.

• Skunks do not hibernate. They lower their body temperature then stay inside their dens during the cold season. They plug the entrance with grass and leaves in order to shield themselves from cold.

• Skunks will occasionally make their homes in or under a building. They usually occupy the den site for two or three nights consecutively. However, during the nesting and mating seasons, the female Louisville skunk is attracted to warm, dark and dry areas and is set to remain there longer as long as the setting is favorable.

Skunks do not pose any danger to humans unless they are poked. They usually use a strong defense mechanism of spraying a very smelly odor to their victims, which is considered a health hazard. Back away slowly if you encounter a skunk, it might not notice you since they don’t see well during the day. This is a clear indication that skunks can live both in urban Louisville areas as well as in the wild areas.

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