Keeping Raccoons Out of the Garbage Cans

Human garbage has a smell. The recycling and compost smell is very appealing to Louisville raccoons. This should not alarm you as it is very possible to keep the raccoons from entering the garbage cans that you use.

Raccoon proofing the garbage
The first thing to do is to keep garbage secure. You should keep it inside until the day for the pickup. The organic Kentucky waste can be easily kept within the freezer so as to reduce any kind of smell from coming out. If the cans have to be outdoors, there is a need to make sure that they are kept within a shed or garage that is well enclosed. You can even build a wooden box that can be licked with a padlock so as to hold any such cans. You can use bungee cords so as to make sure that the bins stay securely closed. Make sure that you remove the bungee cords on the day the garbage has to be picked up.

Never leave the garbage out for a night
Raccoons are most of the time nocturnal meaning that they will be up and about during the night. Ity is always advisable to make sure that you wait up until morning to take garbage out so as to have it picked up. When you avoid keeping the garbage outside, the Louisville raccoons will have no reason to hover in your yard.

Keep garbage from the ground
It is easy for the Kentucky raccoons to get into the cans by simply tipping them over and then knocking the lids open. The bins that have handles can be easily hung from the wall using a bungee cord or a bicycle hook.

Keep the garbage clean
There are some cities that have got a compost program. The food waste is usually thrown into a green bin. It may be a good idea to rinse the garbage before you put it into the correct bin. When the recycling and the garbage aren’t washed, it attracts Louisville wildlife and the animals can also get hurt. It is very easy to have a raccoon stuck in jars, bottles and cans.

Proof the compost bin
Make sure that there is no way for the Louisville raccoons to get into the compost bins. For those who have some compost in the backyard, there are so many ways that you can make sure that the Kentucky raccoons stay and remain outside your compost bins.

Trapped raccoons
Raccoons are very great climbers and it is very rare to have one stuck in the garbage can even here they are big wheeled. However, it doenst mean that Louisville raccoons cannot get trapped. If this happens, it is most advisable to contact a Kentucky professional to deal with the removal.

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